Van service in Swords

Servicing Stop Ireland has partner garages country and that includes the area of Swords. After Servicing Stop's success in the UK the company are now making great strides in Ireland.

How Servicing Stop are taking off in Swords and the rest of Ireland

Your daily activities not hampered

With Servicing Stop Ireland your life doesn't have to be put on hold. We collect your vehicle on the day of the van service from home or work saving you plenty of time.

Higher level of van servicing

The criteria for our van services are greatly improved compared to that of the main dealer. Despite the great of savings that you are able to make, we make sure that all cars are serviced with the greatest amount of care and accuracy possible.

Expert mechanics

Our mechanics are heavily experienced with van services across all makes models. You can be safely assured that your vehicle is always in the best of hands.

Brand new parts

All parts used are brand new and of the highest quality. They are pre-approved by the manufacturer and of OEM standards.

Your warranty not affected

At Servicing Stop your manufacturer's warranty is never affected. We follow the manufacturer's service schedule at all times and use appropriate and compliant parts and equipment. This allows us to meet the rules of the Block Exemption 2003 ruling which allows independent garages to carry out van services.

Quality assured Swords garages

Providing the best quality van services in Ireland is our aim. That's why we have all of our garages independently checked for quality and professionalism purposes.

Customer service

We aim to provide a warm and friendly experience throughout all stages of your van service. If you have a query regarding any issue we deal with it in the most professional way possible.

Any technical query is dealt with by our motor industry expert staff. We explain any complex issues to do with your van service in a way that is understandable to you.

Extra work

As part of our van services we check over your van to check that everything is on perfect working order. If we notice that an element of the van is faulty, we give you a call. At no point will we proceed with any extra work without your consent. Our technicians give you a call ensuring that everything is understood so you are in the best position to decide whether to go ahead with the work.

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