Van servicing in Sligo

Servicing Stop Ireland brings cheaper and more convenient van services to the town of the Sligo. You now no longer forced to use main dealers and pay extra for your van service. We are able to save you up to 60% off on certain makes and models.

A higher quality van service for less

We are typically cheaper than the main dealer and offer a van service which is of a higher quality. The manufacturers servicing schedule is followed at all times but to a higher criteria than that of the main dealer. Pay less for a van service that is of the highest quality and is more affordable.

Free collection and delivery

With Servicing Stop Ireland we offer a free collection and delivery service. When you service your van with us we bring you as little hassle as possible. Even if you are at home or work, your van can be picked up on the day of the service and delivered back once it has been completed.

The best customer service

We take the issue of customer service very seriously at Servicing Stop Ireland. We not only provide the highest quality van services but also make sure that our customers are satisfied at every stage of their van service with us.

Our expertly trained advisors will always treat customers with great respect. All issues and complaints are dealt with in a highly professionally manner.

Additional work

Any additional work needed never commences without your consent. Our motor industry expert advisors call you to advice on what is wrong. Our aim is to get your van out of our garages in the best condition possible.

Booking with Servicing Stop Ireland

Booking with Servicing Stop Ireland is easy. Simply enter your van's registration number on the homepage, select the service date and type and then proceed to enter your personal details.

One of our friendly members of staff will give you a call straight back.

All garages inspected

Independent companies verify our garages to check for quality and professionalism. Our aim is to ensure that your van is being serviced to our exceptional standards at all times.

Parts and labour

Parts and labour are guaranteed for one year giving you peace of mind.

Brand new parts

Parts are brand new and pre-approved from Servicing Stop Ireland.

High quality mechanics

Our mechanics are highly trained and experts. Your van is always in the safest of hands. Our garages use compliant and quality equipment for your van service.

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