Van service in Skibbereen

Now you can get your van serviced in Skibbereen with greater convenience and quality. Servicing Stop Ireland can save you up to 60% off main dealer prices and offer a higher quality van service too.

After becoming the UK's number one van service provider, Servicing Stop are aiming to achieve the same feat with Ireland. The company have garages all over the country and that includes the area of Skibbereen. We have brought over the same values which made the company a great success in the UK of quality work, great customer service and being trustworthy.

A new way of servicing your van in Ireland

Pay less for a cheaper van service today

Servicing Stop Ireland is typically cheaper than the main dealer. Our prices usually beat that of the main dealer with our garages following a more sophisticated level of criteria for your van service.

Manufacturer's warranty protected at all times

Your manufacturer's warranty is not affected with Servicing Stop Ireland. The European Block Exemption Law 2003 meant that independent garages all over Europe are able to carry out your van service without affecting the warranty.

Parts and labour guaranteed

All parts and labour are guaranteed with Servicing Stop Ireland for a whole year. This will give you peace of mind when servicing your van with us.

Brand new parts

All parts used are brand new and OEM approved. Parts are always of optimum quality.

All mechanics deployed highly skilled

Mechanics deployed will be the most appropriate for your van service. We have specialised mechanics for all makes and models ensuring your van is in the best of hands at all times.

Quality assured garages

Garages are all quality assured throughout the Skibbereen using independent companies. We go that extra mile making sure our garages follow exemplary standards at all times.

Extra work

All extra work that needs to be carried out will not go ahead without your consent first. We inspect your whole van for any faults. Our expert technicians will explain everything to you step by step leaving you in a clear mind as to whether to carry out the work or not.

Customer service

We follow high levels of customer service at all times. Any queries or issues you have will always be dealt with in a highly professional manner.

Our advisors treat everyone with respect and friendliness at all times.

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