Van Service in Nass

Servicing Stop Ireland provide the best type of van services throughout the city of Nass. We can offer you up to 60% off main dealer prices, helping you to make tremendous savings. Why pay more at the main dealer?

Manufacturer's warranty protected

The Block Exemption Law of 2003 ensures that your manufacturer's warranty is not affected at any time. Servicing Stop Ireland offers a better quality van service than the main dealer following much better improved criteria for the procedure. At all times we follow the manufacturer's service schedule and use complaint and top quality equipment for your van service.

Free collection and delivery

Free collection and delivery is offered with our van services in Ireland. Whether you are at home or work, we collect your van on the day of the service and deliver it back after everything is completed. There's no need to take a day off work or wait around for your van to be serviced any longer.

Quality assured

Here at Servicing Stop Ireland we ensure that high standards are kept at all stages of the van service. Our garages are all inspected for quality using independent companies.

Our mechanics maintain a high level of accuracy when carrying your van service. Only the most experienced and skilled technicians will handle your van using high class and compliant equipment. The manufacturer's service schedule is followed with higher standard criteria compared to main dealer.

Parts and labour guaranteed

Servicing Stop Ireland will guarantee all parts and labour for a whole year. Parts are brand new and are OEM compliant.

Customer service

Excellent customer service values are one of the major factors how Servicing Stop became such a phenomenon in the UK. We have brought these values over to Ireland and aim to achieve the highest level of success in the country.

All issues are dealt with in a wholly professional manner. Customers are treated with respect and warmth at all times.

Extra work

If there is any extra work required on your van, we will give you a call straight away. As part of our van services we check over your vehicle to ensure that it is in its optimum condition.

Expert mechanics

Mechanics deployed by us are all specialised to specific types of vehicles, meaning your van will be in the best of hands. We ensure that all mechanics in our garages are experienced and highly qualified.

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