Van Service in Letterkenny

Servicing Stop now operates all over Ireland after achieving great success in the UK.

Servicing Stop were the UK's number one online van service who gives highest quality affordable van services throughout the region with convenience.

We can save you money

Servicing Stop Ireland can save you a great deal of money on your next van service. At times we are able to save you up to 60% when compared to main dealer prices. Now you can get the best quality van service available in Ireland for as little as possible.

Free collection and delivery

Servicing Stop Ireland provide you with free collection and delivery of your vehicle. On the day of your van service, we collect your vehicle and later return it after the service has finished. We provide a van service that suits your lifestyle.

Additional work

We check every van in with us to check that it is running to optimum condition. If we notice any faulty parts we give you a call straight away. Our skilled technicians will explain everything and leave you to make a decision on whether to go ahead with the work.

Quality assured garages

Servicing Stop Ireland's garages are all quality assured through independent companies. We take every step possible to ensure that our garages are meeting the high standards that we expect.

Expert mechanics

Our garages consist of mechanics of the utmost calibre. We deploy specialised mechanics depending on the type of van being serviced. Only mechanics with the highest expertise on your van will carry out your van service.

Booking with us and easy and fast

Making a booking with Servicing Stop Ireland is made quick, easy and fast. Enter your van's registration number on our website and then proceed to enter the desired date of the van service. You must also select the service type and then enter your personal details.

Your warranty protected at all times

Servicing Stop Ireland will protect your warranty at all times. The Block Exemption Law of 2003 ensures that your are able to carry out a van service from independent garages and are not forced to visit the main dealer no longer.

Parts and labour

Parts and labour with Servicing Stop Ireland are all guaranteed for one year. Parts are also brand new and OEM certified.

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