Van servicing in Galway

You get now get a quality, trustworthy and convenient van service in Galway from Servicing Stop Ireland. After becoming the number one van service provider in the UK, Servicing Stop are now well on their way to doing the same in Ireland.

What we offer to Galway

Save time

Free collection and delivery

Servicing your van in Galway now couldn't be made easier or cheaper. We offer a free collection and delivery service on the day of your van service. We can arrange to pick up your van from home or work saving you plenty of time.

Bookings quick and easy

Booking with us is quick and won't take a minute. Visit our website and enter your van's registration number and select your preferred date along with the type of service. The final step is to enter your personal details and then wait for a call from us to confirm your details.

Cheap rates without compromise for quality

We offer the most competitive rates in Galway with an improved van servicing criteria compared to the main dealer.

The manufacturer's servicing schedule is followed at all times. Experienced mechanics deal with your van service and treat your van is professionalism and accuracy.

All equipment used for your van service is industry approved and appropriate for your particular model.

Warranty protected

The European Block Exemption Law 2003 ensures that independent garages can service your van without affecting the manufacturer's warranty. We follow all industry guidelines of using compliant equipment and following the correct procedures.

Quality customer service

Servicing Stop Ireland provide excellent customer service at all times. Our warm and friendly staffs are always on hand to assist with any issue or query.

Extra Work

As part of the van service Servicing Stop Ireland inspect your van to check that is running to its optimum level. If there is ever any extra work needed for your van, our motor industry expert staff will inform you immediately. Only if you give your consent then we will go ahead with the recommended work.

Parts and labour guaranteed

All parts used are OEM and manufacturer pre-approved. They are brand new and come with a 1 year guarantee as does the labour.

Quality assured garages

Our independent garages on our network are all checked for quality through independent companies. Servicing Stop Ireland will always do their bit to ensure that all van services are carried out to the highest standards possible.

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