Servicing your van in Fonthill

Servicing Stop Ireland has arrived in Fonthill giving motorists a whole new way of servicing their van.


Servicing Stop Ireland is able to offer up to 60% off your van service as compared to the main.

Free collection and delivery

Servicing Stop Ireland saves you plenty of time. You are able to get your van serviced whilst you being at work or home. We offer a free collection and delivery service of your van on the day of your van service. Van servicing can now suit your lifestyle in Ireland.

Manufacturer's warranty protected at all times

Your warranty is protected at all times. With Servicing Stop Ireland, the rules and regulations of the Block Exemption Law 2003 are followed allowing our independent garages to carry out your van service without invalidating your warranty.

Parts and labour guaranteed for one year

With Servicing Stop Ireland we give you that extra bit of comfort by guaranteeing your parts for one year.

Brand new OEM parts

Our parts are brand new and OE classified. They are also pre-approved by the manufacturer.

Customer service

When we carry out customer service we aim to hold exceptional standards. Our customer service advisors will always deal with any enquiry or query that you may have in a professional manner. We treat our customers with great respect and will answer any technical question that may come our way.

Additional work

All additional work from Servicing Stop will never go ahead without your consent first. Our skilled technicians will explain matters to you in a way that you are able to understand. We aim respect our customers at all times and will deliver a wholly satisfying experience at every stage of your van service.

Our highly skilled mechanics

Mechanics at Servicing Stop Ireland are highly trained and are vastly experienced with servicing all types of vehicles.

Compliant equipment

Equipment used by us for your van service is always of the highest quality and the most appropriate for your van.

Quality assured garages

Our garages are all assured for quality through independent companies. We aim to keep standards exceptionally high at all times throughout our van services.

Booking your van service

It's quick and easy to book your van service with Servicing Stop Ireland.

  • Enter your registration number
  • Select the date and service type
  • Enter your personal details

We will proceed to give you a call and confirm your booking.

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