Van service in Blarney

Servicing your van in Blarney is cheaper and easier with Servicing Stop Ireland. We are able to save you up to 60% off main dealer prices. Why pay more at the main dealer? We service our cars to a higher standard compared to the main dealer offering much better value for money.

Why servicing your van with Servicing Stop Ireland is better?

Free Collection and Delivery

With Servicing Stop Ireland we are able to collect and deliver your van on the day of the service. This means that you are able to remain at work or home whilst your van is being serviced. You no longer have to wait around at a garage waiting for your van to be serviced. We make everything easier for you.

Manufacturer's warranty always protected

The Block Exemption Law of 2003 ensures that our independent garages are able to carry out your van service without your manufacturer's warranty being affected.

Servicing Stop Ireland inspect your van before we start with the van service. This means that we ensure all parts are in prime working condition. If there is any additional work outside of the van service, we'll call you immediately and explain the problems. Under no circumstances do we ever go ahead with the van service.

Parts and labour

Our parts and labour are all guaranteed for one year. Parts are brand new and OEM approved giving you peace of mind.

Independently checked garages

All of our garages are inspected to check for quality and professionalism. We keep to the highest standards of van servicing at all times and take appropriate measures of doing so.

Manufacturers servicing schedule

The manufacturers servicing schedule is always followed with Servicing Stop Ireland. Our standards are higher than that of the main dealer ensuring we follow a more advanced level of criteria throughout our van services.

Booking with us

It's easy to book with Servicing Stop Ireland. Follow the steps below:

  • Enter your registration number and select your van
  • Select the date and service type
  • Enter your personal details including your collection and delivery address

We will then proceed to give you a call to confirm your details.

Customer service

Servicing Stop Ireland ensure that all of our customers are treated well throughout all stages of their van service. Every issue is dealt with professionally. Our staff is specially trained to deal all technical queries which you may have.

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