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Toyota Service

Your Toyota servicing at Servicing Stop caters for all models within the Toyota vehicle range, if you do not see your vehicle in the list below please call us and we will give you a quote for your car service accordingly.

Toyota servicing explained

Our Toyota service has an extensive list of checks. Our approved garages have the latest equipment, which allows our qualified technicians and mechanics to diagnose any problems quickly and efficiently.

Toyota warranty is protected by us

European law, known as “Block Exemption”, changed in 2003, which means that Independent Garages can carry out a Toyota service without making your Toyota warranty invalid.

A Toyota service with one of our approved garages means that your car service has its warranty protected, because we use genuine parts which are of “Original Equipment” (OE) quality standard.

All Toyota service books are stamped on every Toyota service we do – also each Toyota service carries a 12 month Parts and Labour Guarantee.

The Interim and Full service schedule descriptions we provide are just a guide of what we do and will vary on what each Manufacturer service schedule says, some additional items maybe required to comply with your warranty. However, we always provide a complete quote before anything additional is carried out.

Toyota History

The first Toyota was, in fact, a Toyoda. But the believe that it would be difficult to pronounce, combined with the fact that the word Toyota takes eight strokes in Japanese (the number 8 being auspicious for good fortune in the far East), led to a name change in 1936, and a legend was born.

The founder of Toyota, Kiichiro Toyoda, was the son of a Japanese industrialist who revolutionised the weaving industry with the world's first automatic loom. He turned his considerable engineering skills to the problem of transportation and Toyota never looked back. Founded on two principles - 'Good thinking, good products' - Toyota grew over the next 70 years to become the world's largest and most profitable car maker. After only 10 years in business, the 100,000 vehicle rolled off the production line, demonstrating the sheer efficiency of Japanese manufacturing.

The arrival of the Toyota Corona at the Earl's Court Motor Show in 1965 was the first time the UK had seen this innovative design. From the start, Toyota made compacts - smaller, fuel-efficient cars with a reputation for reliability. Their trucks (especially the HiLux) also have that reputation for being practically indestructible, as anyone who watched 'Top Gear's' attempts to destroy a HiLux will testify!

Today, Toyota has developed a reputation for innovation, and is constantly introducing new technology into the marketplace such as the Hybrid Synergy Drive. With millions of units sold all over the world and as their advertising logo says, the car in front is (usually) a Toyota.

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Toyota servicing made simple

Choose the Toyota service you want by calling us, emailing us or by requesting a call back.

Free collection will then be arranged from home or work.

No additional work is carried out without you the customer agreeing to it, making sure you are aware at all times of any extra work needed and the cost involved.

Once all the work has been completed we will deliver your vehicle back to your home or work depending on what is easiest for you.