How it works

Servicing Stop is here to make the process of having a car service hassle free, convenient and cost effective. No need to worry about dealing with a garage, or negotiating the service cost and work, just book your car service with us and we will make sure everything is taken care of for you.
Servicing Stop

Car Servicing made simple at Servicing Stop

  • You can call FREE or book online one of our advisors will then book in your car service on a date convenient for you.
  • On the date of your car service a FREE nationwide collection is arranged between 8am and 10am or an agreed time - either from your home or work.
  • Your car service will done by an approved Servicing Stop garage. We will also check the manufacturer service schedule, ensuring any necessary additional items are advised. We only use GENUINE car parts of O.E. (Original Equipment) standard, making sure your warranty is protected.
  • If there is any additional work required, one of our advisors will always seek prior authorisation from you before any work is done. The work is only carried out if you agree to the additional cost and work.
  • Each car service is carried out by qualified mechanics and technicians using the latest equipment. Every car service with us is covered by a 12 month parts & labour guarantee.
  • It's simple we will let you know when the Car Service is completed. From here you can pay through our online payment system with your debit or Credit Card.
  • Your car will returned to your home or work between 4pm 6pm (FREE delivery) or a time convenient to you.

Garages nationwide

At Servicing Stop we have approved independent garages throughout Ireland, we are confident that irrespective of where you are we can service you car.

Our garage network is monitored closely using customer feedback and quality control, making sure standards are kept to a high standard at all times.

Save up to 60% off main dealer prices

The savings we achieve are a combination of several factors, which start with the cost of the service, thereafter savings are also achieved on parts and labour.

The reality is that more often a main dealer’s cost on all of these can be very expensive, so here at Servicing Stop we take care of all the negotiations on pricing, parts & labour charges making sure you get the best price possible for your service – the end result is you can save up to 60% off your car service compared to main dealer prices.

Warranty protected

Government legislation passed in 2003 called the “Block Exemption” means that an independent garage can now carry out your car service, so that the warranty is still protected - this now means you no longer need to use a main dealer to do your car service.

At Servicing Stop Ltd all of our garages use GENUINE car parts of OE (Original Equipment) standard, making sure your warranty is protected at all times.

Main dealers may try and influence your decision to stay with them, but the reality is that a car service or car repair with Servicing Stop is just as good, if not better and is always likely to be cheaper than what a main dealer charges.

In most cases, main dealers and independent garages use the same car part suppliers in Ireland, so any misleading comments by a main dealer trying to entice you into staying with them are not really warranted – STOP getting ripped off by main dealers, because all our car parts are GENUINE approved car parts of OE standard.

Free collection and delivery home or work

At Servicing Stop our objective is to make your car service experience “hassle free”, so our free nationwide collection service from home or work will also save you time, which on many cases also saves you money.

No additional work undertaken without your agreement

One of our friendly advisors will always advise you of any additional work and the costs involved before any work is done to your car. Once the cost and work has been approved by you the customer, the work is then completed accordingly, which means you are kept informed at all times of what your service will cost.

Parts and labour guaranteed for 12 months

A 12 month parts and labour guarantee comes with every Servicing Stop car service, if at any time you require further assistance or info on this, please contact our Customer Service department and they will deal with your enquiry.

About us

Servicing Stop Ltd was founded by Oliver and Toby Richmond to give Ireland public a better professional car service experience in terms of customer service and cost.

The opportunity to expand their business became a reality when the law changed in 2003, called Block Exemption, which meant that you no longer needed to use a main dealer for your car service. The new law meant that an Independent garage could now carry out your car service just like a main dealer use to.

The monopoly and control of where a customer went for their car service is now over. At this point it became obvious that the public would now be looking for alternative car service suppliers who could still validate their warranty, but more importantly save them money.

Servicing Stop realised that the only way to better what the main dealers did was to improve their own service criteria to a higher level at a more cost effective price. This has now been achieved by putting in place quality checks with each garage they use and the feedback they get from their customers.

Here are some of the benefits that Servicing Stop has to offer:

• Nationwide coverage
• The manufacturer’s service schedule is followed on every service
• Your warranty will be protected at all times
• Your service book will be stamped
• All parts & labour are guaranteed for 1 year
• Add an PRE-NCT for €35.00 to your car service
• All of our mechanics & technicians are trained and qualified
• Free nationwide collection & delivery
• Customer service centre to assist with queries

Why pay main dealer prices when you get a car service at Servicing Stop that validates your warranty and saves you up to 60% off main dealer prices?
Also a car service with Servicing Stop more often has more checks done to it.

Servicing Stop Mission statement

To become Ireland’s leading provider of car servicing

Servicing Stop Objective

To provide a friendly, easy and cost efficient car service experience to all our customers


Is my car collected and delivered back for free?

Yes this service is absolutely free. Servicing Stop will collect up your car on it's service date and deliver it back free of charge once the service has been completed and payment has been authorised.

Can I book from anywhere in Ireland?

Our garage network spreads nationwide. We are certain to have a quality local garage near to you.

When are your opening hours?

We are open 7 days a week. Monday to Friday we operate from 8:30am to 9pm and on Saturday and Sunday we operate from 10am to 4pm.

How do I pay for the work?

It's simple we will let you know when the Car Service is completed. From here you can pay through our online payment system with your debit or Credit Card. Once the payment has been authorised the vehicle will be released from our garage and delivered back.

What parts are used?

We only use brand new Pre-Approved by the manufactuer.

Is there any warranty offered?

Yes our parts and labour come with a 1 year warranty.

Do I get a discount on a PRE-NCT Test?

Yes you do. When booking a car service with us you can get a PRE-NCT Test for a discounted price of just €35.

What if I want to cancel the car service?

You can cancel the service at any point if you wish. However any work done up to that point must be paid for.

Can I re-arrange the date of a car service?

Yes you can as long as the date is arranged with one of our advisors 24 hours before the original service date.

What if my car needs extra work other than the service?

In such an event a Servicing Stop advisor will contact and inform you of the exact work that needs to be carried out. No work is ever started without your consent.

My car still has its warranty, will this be affected?

Your warranty is protected at all times with Servicing Stop. Genuine parts are used of OE (Original Equipment) standard. This ensures that your warranty is protected at all times. The Block Exemption legislation allows independent garages to carry out car services without affecting a car's warranty.
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