Car servicing in Northpoint

Servicing your car in Northpoint is now made a lot easier. Servicing Stop Ireland are the fastest growing car servicing company in the country and have now made their way to Northpoint.

Save money with Servicing Stop Ireland

Servicing Stop Ireland can save you a great amount of money on your car services, at times up to 60% when compared to the main dealer. Don't pay extra for your car service, we provide the highest quality car services in the country for a great deal cheaper.

Your warranty not affected

The Block Exemption Law of 2003 ensures that independent garages can carry out your car service without affecting your warranty.

Free collection and delivery

Servicing Stop Ireland offer you the chance to get your car serviced in a way that suits your lifestyle. Whether you are at home or work, Servicing Stop Ireland will collect your car on the day of the service and deliver back for free.

First class customer service

Brilliant customer service is at the forefront of what we are trying to achieve in Ireland. We believe in professionalism and respect when talking to our customers. All issues will be dealt with in an efficient manner.

Additional work

As part of our car service, Servicing Stop Ireland inspects your car to check that there are no faults upon your vehicle. At no point do we go ahead with any additional work without your consent.

Expert trained technicians will speak to you and explain the exact problems. Any technical questions will be handled by our motor industry experts.

Quality assured garages

All of Servicing Stop Ireland's garages are quality assured through independent companies. We take every step possible to ensure that everything is being carried out with great quality the standards that we expect.

Expert mechanics

We deploy specialised mechanics according to your vehicle. Our garages consist of mechanics who are heavily trained, experienced and highly qualified.

Parts and labour

To give you that extra bit of comfort, Servicing Stop Ireland provide you with a one year warranty for all parts and labour.

Brand new parts

Servicing Stop Ireland use only brand new parts which are pre-approved by the manufacturer and meet OE standards.

A trusting online car service

Servicing Stop Ireland offer an online service which is trustworthy and easy to use. Firstly enter your car's registration number (or select your model). The next step is to enter the date of your car service and the type of service which you require. Finally enter your personal details and we'll give you a call to confirm everything. It's that easy!

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