Car service in Newbridge

Servicing Stop are the UK's number one car service provider and are now taking steps to achieving the same feat in Ireland.

Why are we number one? Firstly our rates are cheaper than that of the main dealer, at times by up to 60%. You can save plenty of money and receive a better quality car service when compared to main dealerships. Why pay more?

A new way of servicing your car in Ireland

Free collection and delivery

With all of our car services, we collect your car and deliver it back on the day of the service. This ensures that you are able to continue with your daily activities without worrying about servicing your car.

Warranty protected

The Block Exemption Law of 2003 ensures that car services are able to be carried out by independent garages. At no point is your warranty ever affected with Servicing Stop Ireland.

Standards of the highest level

At Servicing Stop Ireland our mechanics are highly skilled and experienced. We treat all of our cars with great care and accuracy. All makes and models are covered by us, with us containing the depth in knowledge to service all vehicles.

Parts and labour guaranteed

At Servicing Stop all parts and labour are guaranteed for one year. This will give you peace of mind when servicing your car with us.

Appropriate and industry standard equipment

The equipment used for our car services are of the highest quality. It will be compliant and appropriate towards for your vehicle and meet industry standards.

Manufacturer's service schedule followed

Our garages in Newbridge service your car by following the manufacturer's service schedule but to a higher standard than that of the main dealer. Our lower prices are never compromised for quality.

Customer service

We try to ensure that all customers are satisfied at every level of their car service with us. Our trained staffs treat everyone with respect. All issues are dealt with in a highly professional manner. Our trained technicians will answer all technical questions which you may have regarding your car service.

Easy to use online service

Servicing Stop Ireland's website is very user friendly. You can make a booking in under a minute.

  • Enter your registration number or select your car
  • Select the date of the car service or the service type
  • Enter your personal details

We'll give you a call straight back and confirm all of your details and arrange car service.

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