Servicing your car in Deansgrange

Servicing Stop Ireland in Deansgrange makes servicing your car cheaper, easier and more convenient.

Why pay more?

Servicing Stop Ireland will offer a more cost effective car service compared to that of the main dealer. You pay less for a car service that is of a higher quality. On certain makes and models Servicing Stop Ireland can offer up to 60% off main dealer prices.

Free collection and delivery

We collect and deliver your car on the day of the car service. You don't have to put anything on hold just to get your car serviced anymore. Servicing Stop Ireland does all the hard work for you.

Your warranty not affected

Your warranty on your car is not affected. The Block Exemption Law of 2003 ensures that independent garages are able to carry out your car service without affecting your warranty.

Parts and labour guaranteed

Parts and labour from Servicing Stop Ireland are guaranteed for one year with us. This gives you extra peace of mind when servicing your car with us.

All garages verified

Garages with Servicing Stop Ireland are all independently checked for quality and professionalism. We adhere to exceptional standards at all times and take all measures to ensure that our car services are of the highest quality.

Booking with us is easy

Booking your car with Servicing Stop Ireland couldn't be easier. You can book your car in with us in a matter of minutes.

  • Enter your car's registration number
  • Enter the date of the service and the service type
  • Enter your personal details including your collection and delivery address

From here you will receive a phone call from a member of staff to confirm your details.

Customer service

With Servicing Stop Ireland our customer service levels are second to none. Our aim is to keep all of our customers satisfied at every stage of the car service.

Our staff is specially trained to provide you with exceptional customer service. We treat everyone with friendliness and warmth at all times.

Extra work

If there is any additional work needed for your car, we never carry it out without your consent. Our trained technicians explain the problems involved with your car in a way that you understand. We will leave you in a clear mind to decide to ahead with the work.

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