The National Car Test in Ireland

PRE-NCT service explained

After 3 years all cars in Ireland will require a NCT certificate by law. An PRE-NCT at Servicing Stop can be added for just €35 when you a book a car service with us.

The National Car Test otherwise known as the NCT is necessary test needed every two years as part of Government regulations. It is needed for cars to meet national standards of being environmentally safe and possessing the optimum level of road safety. Any car over 4 years old is required to undergo the NCT. However vintage and export cars will not be required to undergo the NCT.

Only National Car Testing Service Ltd (NCTS) are able to carry out your NCT. They are completely independent from the motor trade. They do not profit in anyway if your vehicle passes or fails the test.

Passing the NCT will mean that the certificate provided is valid for two years. A disc is also provided that must be displayed alongside your tax and insurance discs on the windscreen.

It is illegal to drive a car with it being due a National Car Test.

You are able to get an early NCT test when your car undergoes the test for the first time. After that you are able to receive a NCT test three months after.

A reminder will be sent out by the NCTS before the test is due. A suggested appointment is stated which the owner can reschedule if needed. For all owners with vehicles that have not been taxed for over three years and for those with vehicles that have declared as off the road will have to contact the NCTS to find out when their NCT is due.

If you are unsure as to whether your car may need a NCT then you should contact the NCTS.

Preparation for the NCT:

  • Ensure that your vehicle has the correct amount of oil and water
  • All personal belongings from the car should be removed
  • Ensure that the car is clean
  • Ensure seatbelts and clips are visible
  • Tyres should be inflated to the correct pressure with the wheel hubcaps being removed
  • Vehicle registration plates must cohere with Government rules
  • Timing belts must be changed within diesel vehicles within the recommended time specified by the manufacturer
  • All lights should be checked prior to the test

The most common failure points are:
Headlights: the condition and alignment of them
Brakes: front and rear brakes as well as the hand brake

When getting your car serviced, pay special attention to the areas mentioned above.

With our garages throughout Ireland Servicing Stop can do your PRE-NCT, car repair and car service and save you up to 60% off main dealer prices.

To book your PRE-NCT and car service just call us, request a call back or book online.

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