BMW Servicing

BMW Service

A BMW service with Servicing Stop network covers all the models within the BMW vehicle range; we can give you an X5 service, M3 service or BMW 1 series service to the standard you would expect.

German prestige cars like the BMW must be maintained at the highest level, making sure approved parts and oils are used, to ensure your BMW car is running at is optimum level and warranty is protected every time.

If you do not see the BMW model you have within the above list please call us and we will give you a great quote for your BMW service.

BMW servicing explained

Our BMW service has an extensive list of checks. Our approved garages have the latest equipment, which allows our qualified technicians and mechanics to diagnose any problems quickly and efficiently.

BMW warranty is protected by us

European law, known as “Block Exemption”, changed in 2003, which means that Independent Garages can carry out a BMW service without making your BMW warranty invalid.

A BMW service with one of our approved garages means that your car service has its warranty protected, because we use genuine parts which are of “Original Equipment” (OE) quality standard.

All BMW service books are stamped on every BMW service we do – also each BMW service carries a 12 month Parts and Labour Guarantee.

The Interim and Full service schedule descriptions we provide are just a guide of what we do and will vary on what each Manufacturer service schedule says, some additional items maybe required to comply with your warranty. However, we always provide a complete quote before anything additional is carried out.

BMW History

BMW was forced just after World War 1 to stop the making of its aircraft engine by the conditions in the Versailles Armistice Treaty. BMW consequently shifted to motorbike production in the 1920's once the conditions of the treaty had started to be lifted, they then started to make automobiles between 1928-29.

The round blue & white BMW logo is said to symbolize the movement of a planes propeller, to signify the white blades going through the blue sky - another idea is that BMW adopted it in 1929, twelve years after the roundel was created. But in fact, the logo came from the round Rapp Motorenwerke company logo, when the BMW Company grew. The Rapp logo was mixed in with the blue and white colours from the Bavarian flag to make the BMW logo that we see today.

BMW's first major plane engine was the BMW IIIa inline-six liquid-cooled engine which they made in 1918, much preferred because of its high-altitude capabilities and performance. In the 1930's, BMW again began make plane engines for the Luftwaffe. WWII engine designs that were the most successful where the BMW 132 & BMW 801 & the ground breaking BMW 003 axial-flow turbojet, The BMW OO3 jet propelled engine was then tested in the A-1b version of the whole world 1st fighter jet, the Messerschmitt, but BMW engines failed when they went to takeoff, a major setback for the fighter jet program until successfully produced with Junkers engines.

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BMW servicing made simple

Choose the BMW service you want by calling us, emailing us or by requesting a call back.

Free collection will then be arranged from home or work.

No additional work is carried out without you the customer agreeing to it, making sure you are aware at all times of any extra work needed and the cost involved.

Once all the work has been completed we will deliver your vehicle back to your home or work depending on what is easiest for you.